Consequences of a National Popular Vote

“A dangerous virus lurks in our republican democracy,” wrote E.J. Dionne, Jr., a columnist with The Washington Post. What is the virus which is causing a substantial threat to our constitutional republic? Dionne argues that the cause is none other than the Electoral College. The Electoral College is one of the least-understood elements of the United States Constitution. For many […]

The Electoral College Matters

Senator, and Democrat presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren declared recently that her goal if elected is “to be the last American president elected by the Electoral College” and her “second term to be elected by direct vote.” The debate is not new to American politics—whether the Electoral College should be replaced by a direct national popular vote for president—but the question […]

A Defense of the Electoral College

The simple argument for keeping the Electoral College is the fact that it works. More importantly we are a nation of “United States.” President Donald Trump recently stated that he would like to see the Electoral College replaced with a direct election of the president by a popular vote. The Electoral College is one of the most misunderstood elements of our constitutional […]