The More You Tax Something, The Less You Will Get

Iowa has many attractive qualities in making it a great place to live. If policymakers want to grow our population, the best way to encourage growth is by lowering tax rates so our state is more competitive.   Population trends show that states with low tax rates are gaining new residents, while an exodus is underway in high tax states. […]

Is a World War 1 Memorial Cross Unconstitutional?

This case is another example of our cultural decline. Since the mid-20th century the United States has been on a steady course of secularization.   The Supreme Court will decide if a Bladensburg, Maryland memorial cross dedicated to soldiers who died in World War 1 is a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. In 1925 the American Legion established […]

Is a Four Percent Raise Enough?

Would a four percent increase in income next year help your household budget? For most families it would. Four percent isn’t enough for the city of North Liberty according to their city administrator and they want to increase the property tax rate another 1.2 percent. In recent years the city’s taxable valuation growth has increased between seven and 14 percent […]

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